My first thoughts

29 Aug

Today I began to think about what I would like to do for my creative project. The term ‘creative project’ reminds me of art class in primary school and the crappy paper maches, mosaics and paintings I would create and pass on to my loved ones as a precious gifts. As nostalgia washed over me thoughts of collaging furniture or building a life size sculpture and experiencing again that magical feeling of physically CREATING with tangible materials… but then I realised these concepts may be a little bit too ambitious and not at all relevant to the skills have I have developed.

Doing majors in film and photography I began thinking of ways to intergrade both mediums into one project. Immediately I thought of a film clip I have seen that was created by a friend that works here at the University, Baz Harvey. By using 5 years worth of photographs of the band performing live, showcasing these pictures in sequence
creates the sense of movement. See the video clip here

This can only achieved if the shots have been taken in quick succession. I think this would be a great challenge but achievable and a project that I would enjoy creating.


One Response to “My first thoughts”

  1. nitroscity August 30, 2013 at 4:56 am #

    Hi Jess

    Would you be able to find such a talented source material however? Just kidding. It would be interesting to see you experiment with the approach – perhaps doing something in this mode but with a theatrical performance, or dance etc. Researching other people who have exploited this technique etc whether in music video, or film or elsewhere? You could also compare the staccato affect of the single frame photos cut together to early cinema, stop motion animation etc. Perhaps a project that amalgamates the two in some way. Indeed a ‘traditional’ dramatic sequence but shot in this approach, still incorporating location dialogue etc. That could be really interesting, especially if the scene itself had a fractured theme or subtext. Food for thought.

    Andrew Ewing

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