Week 4 : The Creative Psyhe

29 Aug

Jung explored his active imagination and discovered how the symbolic play of child hood, Meditation and hypnosis allowed him to regress back in time, tapping into his subconscious. He realised this experiences to be self-healing (1997).  What Dr Spoors explained to us is the lecture, certain traumas we experience as children can manifest as fear, complexes or phobias in adulthood and damage us emotionally (2013). Children don’t have the mental strength or resilience that adults have therefore confronting or difficult memories or emotions will be suppressed. Jung determined that the medium of practises like child play, mediation or hypnotherapy not only lets us acknowledge these difficult thoughts and confront them in a non-threatening way but also releases an enormous release of positive energy as well as insights will give a new orientation (1997).

I feel that I can relate very strongly to what Jung reveals and what Dr spoor reinforces about the ‘active imagination’ and its healing qualities. As a child I was exposed to a lot of unpleasant scenarios and my guardianship was never stable. I developed an imaginary twin sister, partly I think because I was an only child but also because I was very lonely and anxious, and having someone with me was comforting when I was experiencing these difficult emotions.

After realising the befits of symbolic child’s play Jung explored further methods of reaching his subconscious and would spend time inducing him self into a hypnotic or meditative state (1997). Having experienced mediation being hypnotised myself I can relate to how this process can help to heal old emotional wounds. I suffer from a phobia and ongoing anxiety and depression, after trying therapy and multiple types of medication I decided to try a new avenue and discovered hypnotherapy. The process was unbelievably simple and I was shocked with the intense out of body experience that came with it. While I was ‘under’ I was regressed back to the very event that initiated my phobia, this event happened when I was two and a half years old. The memory that was evoked was so clear, like it happened yesterday; I could even remember small details like colour of my blanket that ‘The little Mermaid’ was on the television. This memory was not accessible in my conscious mind so this moment was very profound for me. What was also amazing was how seemingly insignificant this event seemed yet.  I realise now that I would have been so impressionable at this young age what happened, although not at all terrifying had affected me greatly.  What I have discovered after practising mediation and hypnotherapy I can be more insightful and I can say that it has definitely helped take the edge of my fears and phobias.


Jung, C. (1997). Jung on active imagination (pp. 1-17, 28-33). (Ed. Joan Chodorow). London: Routledge.

Spoors, G. (22/08/2013). The creative psyche. [lecture]


2 Responses to “Week 4 : The Creative Psyhe”

  1. nitroscity August 30, 2013 at 4:51 am #

    Hi Jess

    Thank you for sharing your personal story. It certainly is very relevant to the topic. Have you found that the experiences, either those traumatic ones, the experience of healing through meditation and/or the imaginary twin sister have impacted, affected or manifested in your creative work in anyway? It has been my experience that many of us share these traumatic experiences and yet for the most part we rarely share them with each other for fear of retribution etc. One of the benefits of a creative community is the congenial manner people can often have with each other and the desire to be open and communicative. It maybe worth exploring this juncture between healing and creativity further if it interests you.

    Andrew Ewing


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