Making some progress

15 Sep

After Listening to Jinja Safari’s song ‘Mombassa on the Line’ I am slowly getting an idea video clip I would like to create. The lyrics are quite cryptic and I don’t fully understand the song’s meaning, instead I am just going with the flow and the feel of the music and developing my ideas that way. Without thinking to hard I just started jotting down the first few visions that came to mind, my first idea was a young girl wondering lost around the city and I developed a narrative from that. So far I this is the sequence of shots I have come up with

  1. Girl, in her early 20’s is on a bus, looking dreamingly out the window
  2. She looks down at the map she has of the city
  3. She gets of the bus in the hub of the city, and steps in chewing gum, she looks a little disheartened
  4. As she is walking down the main strip guys are glaring at her, on seedy persona wholf whistles as he is passing
  5. A grubby homeless man is begging, the girl reaches into her backpack and hives him her sandwich, the homeless man looks bewildered and tosses it aside as soon as she passes.
  6. A busker is playing but nobody is paying him any attention and he hasn’t collected any money
  7. She pulls the map around and looks lost, she gives up and throws the map in the bin
  8. She walks off confidently, looks and starts appreciating the beauty of the buildings and scenery.
  9. Girl approaches the water feature in forest chase and smiles broadly as she watches the children play happily.
  10. She dumps her backpack, removes her sneakers and joins the children playing
  11. More children join the fun and they all dance around laughing gleefully
  12. The sun is setting the girl walks away from the water feature to her belongs
  13. She finds that her bag has been taken, she picks up her shoes, smiles and shakes her head and walks away from the scene.

I think that this narrative would work well with the song. One of the biggest obstacle’s is finding a great young talent to be my lead and also a bunch of children for the end scene. Working with children is difficult so working with a group of 10 or more will be extremely difficult! As soon as I get the green light to go ahead, I better start casting, asap


One Response to “Making some progress”

  1. nitroscity September 19, 2013 at 7:00 am #

    Hi Jess

    You could combine the casting you are doing for your FAV2101 short film with this video project – i.e. the children you don’t cast could be in this etc. Maybe the young woman too? It may be shame to do something for a song you don’t have permission to use but I can see how as a learning exercise it is still worth while – to develop your cinematography etc.


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