New concept

6 Oct

We have decided to go for a more simple approach to the video clip for ‘Mombassa on the line’. Limited in time and funding this new concept would be easier to shoot requires organising sufficiently less shots involved and talent needed. The new concept also fits the theme of the song very well. Following is a rough scene list of the new concept.

Synopsis: A group of young free spirits cross paths and Journey together in the beautiful Australian outback. Not put off by their short comings, they remain optimistic and create a bond, enjoying each other’s company and the simpler things in life.

  1. Its early morning and a young, adventuring girl is driving a beat up Kombi van down a long stretch of road in the country. She is looking wondrously out the window and admiring the scenery.
  2. She notices a male wondering down along side the road. Looks like he is exhausted carrying his guitar, bongo drums and backpack. The girl pulls over and offers him a ride. She asks where he is going. He mouths ‘anywhere’. She offers him a lift he accepts gratefully.
  3. The drive along the road, they laugh, share stories of travel, and ride in a comfortable silence.
  4. The pull into a petrol station and see a foreign tourist her car is smoking and she appears to be stranded. They offer her a ride; she looks back to her smoking car and accepts.
  5. They all drive along happily, the tourist takes some candid shots on her camera.
  6. The sun is starting to set and they find a spot to set up camp. At the next tent over, a prissy girl is complaining to her boyfriend, she hates having to camp. She grabs her suitcase and wheels it out, leaving him there alone. The group offers for him to join them and he accepts,
  7. The start a camp fire and talk and laugh and drink together. All free spirits tottaly immersed in the simple pleasures of life and enjoying each others company.
  8. The sun rises on the camp, the new friends are still asleep around the campfire
  9. Shots of the surrounding wildlife and beautiful scenery

One Response to “New concept”

  1. nitroscity October 10, 2013 at 2:50 am #

    Looking forward to the end result.


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