Week 11: Creativity and community

22 Oct

Week 11 introduces the class to Creativity and the community. The film and video course co coordinator George Karpathakis talked to us about his experiences working on community projects and making films that address issues in the community. Karpathakis (2013) explains that one must realise that there is not a lot of money to be made working with the community as they are not provided with a lot of funding, yet it is a fantastic opportunity, especially for young film makers or graduates as their is a lot of opportunity to learn new skills and to network.

Karpathakis talked about one of the first community projects that he completed, a Docu-drama titled ‘One of us’. The film addresses drug use in young Turkish people living in Australia. It is aimed towards the parents and families to show how they can better understand and manage this issue. He did this by combining real life interviews, creating scenarios that reflected what was happening as well including the advice of professionals on how to manage and deal with these issues. Although funding is limited when working with communities, you receive great access to a wide range of resources such as locations; props, transport and catering which are all often provide by the community themselves.

It is evident to me that although now an established filmmaker and director Karpathakis is a good advocate for working for the community and regards his experiences as very beneficial and rewarding. I admit I have never really even considered doing work for a community project but after this lecture I defiantly believe it is something worth perusing.

Karpathakis talks about the considerations that need to be made before pursuing this type of work

  • Work is often culturally specific and sensitivity is needed when working with different cultures
  • There is a need to work within the clients belief system, even if it one that you might not agree with
  • Funding and budget. Consider the tender, how much money it is going to cost. The producer/director needs to be careful not to commit to a budget to low, so if un-expected expenses arise you will be out of pocket.
  • The client is you employer so at the end of the day it is necessary to do what they want, and learn leave your creative visions at the door if they do not fit the brief

With the 3 month holiday period looming just weeks away, my excitement is met with apprehension. How am I going to pass the time? Without access to the media store, I wont have the opportunity to do my own projects. I have begun my pursuit of volunteer work with media companies to gain some more experience. After the lecture today I have expanded my search to work within my community and I was surprised to find there is a lot of (un paid) work out there. I have subsequently set off my resume to 3 different companies and looking foreword to hearing back from them with potential opportunities for work.


Karpathakis, G. (17/10/2013). [Lecture] Week 11: Creativity and community. Edith Cowen University, Perth WA.


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  1. nitroscity October 24, 2013 at 4:02 am #

    Good work Jess.

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