EXCEGESIS of my creative project

31 Oct


For my major creative project I initially wanted to combine both mediums of my study; film and photography. I explored the notion of time lase photography that created a staccato affect, and combining this with a music piece. Before I could really explore this I found out about a competition run by Triple J to direct and produce a film clip for the band Jinja Safari’s new song, ‘Mombassa On The Line’. I decided that this would not only suit the brief of the major creative assignment, but would also be a great opportunity and highly rewarding if I was to win.

I began manifesting my creative thoughts by playing the song on repeat whilst driving and letting my mind wonder. I found it easier to not put pressure on myself to immediately form a conclusive idea but just loose myself in the song and see what imagery and emotions formed. This is a technique I tried after learning about Jung’s theory about the ‘active imagination’ in class (1997). The song itself already has quite a mystical and hypnotic feel to it and I felt that I could slip into a trace and fully immerse myself into it. It was an amazing experience to just listen and let my thoughts consume me without any force and the imagery that came about was very vivid. I found that I not so much engaging to the words but more the ‘feel’ and emotion that the song stirred.

‘Mombassa on the line’ stirs a very strong sense of wonderment, appreciation and hopefulness while at the same time there is a hint of sadness. I developed and Idea to film a tourist played a young woman who was very excited to be visiting Perth City. As she explored, her excitement is met by apprehension as she discovered that this apparently beautiful city is not was she first anticipated. I began the producer’s role and began to research what was needed to make this video clip and how much time and money needed to be invested. After a lot of planning I decided that this particular concept was a little to ambitious to do by myself.  Following this discovery I decided to do two things: simplify my idea and collaborate with a cinematographer.

Starting from scratch I used the same method as before and devised a more simple idea: A group of young free spirits cross paths whilst in the middle of know where. They Journey together in the beautiful Australian outback. Not put off by their short comings, they remain optimistic and create a bond, enjoying each other’s company and the simpler things in life. I introduced my idea to my new partner Kaely Ferguson. Thankfully she liked it and was happy to go ahead with the post production planning.

I Took inspiration from Robbie Studsor who delivered a compelling presentation in week 8 and I went on to create my own mood (2013). What Robbie highlights is that, as a director/creator it is difficult to articulate or summarise your concept with others that you are working with. As I was collaborating with Kaely I decided to create my own mood reel so she can get an understanding of my creative vision. Once we had debriefed after I presented her with the mood reel. I went on to create a storyboard. It was great knowing that we were exactly on the same page.

Unfortunately I was unable to complete my creative assignment due to last minute plans to travel overseas for my work. I do however think that I have learnt and benefited from the creative process adapted for this project and all that has been learnt in class and lectures.  The one major conclusion I can draw from knowledge learnt from unit is that creativity is an asset to any body and for many different reasons. By learning to manifest your creativity you will in turn have enhanced creative ideas and much more frequently.


Jung, C. (1997). Jung on active imagination (pp. 1-17, 28-33). (Ed. Joan Chodorow). London: Routledge.

Studsor, R. Graham, L. (19/09/2013). [Lecture] Week 8: Visual texts. Edith Cowen University, Perth WA.


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  1. nitroscity November 19, 2013 at 7:43 am #

    I hope you didn’t fall into a trance whilst driving!

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