Photo pastiche: channelling David Lachapelle

31 Oct

LaChapelle is known for his exceptional talent in combining unique hyper-realistic images and use of bright and bold colours. His pictures also tend to carry a social theme or message. I relate strongly to his work, and chose to use his style as my inspiration. For this particular Image I brought a flat pack doll house model and furniture and erected, painted and designed it to replicate a little girls room. I photographed the house model, the tiny rocking horse and the model under the same lighting conditions then superimposed them together in post production. The final image is meant to comment on the simplicity of a child’s life, and how young minds can find such joy in basic tasks. Their whole world is magical and their imaginations are limitless. The oversize lollypop the model clasps is to signify how children can be spoilt and the lack of resistance parents have when it comes to giving their child everything they want. I styled my model with pigtails, tutu, corset and thigh high stockings, crossing the boundaries of sexy and innocent. These styling choices are meant to represent the sexualisation of children as they are exposed to adult themes ant an increasingly younger age through current media such as magazine and video clips. The desire (or pressure) for children to grow up too fast has never been more evident than now.

sweet-like-candy1(Click image to make larger)


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