Short film; Baby

31 Oct

This is a short film that my group and I created for our film and video unit. I chose to write a script, opposed to choosing an already existing script because I thought I could write a better one, and I wanted to secure my role as the director of the piece. I wrote the script for ‘Baby’ whilst stuck in bad traffic on the way to work. I feel a very strong connection with the script as it is loosely based on real life events, I was anxious to ensure that I enlisted the write people to collaborate with so my vision could be properly realised.  After promoting my script to the class I was able to hand pick my teammates and created a six person team that I was happy with. As a team I am very happy with how we handled and executed the film and cant give very body who was involved enough praise.

A link to the (nearly) finished short film can be found here


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