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Its all part of the process

29 Oct

Allthough story boarding looks like its just a bunch of scribbly pictures, it actually involved a whole lot of planning and carefull thinking. As painfull they are once completed, they are very benificial come production time. Without the use of a story board it becomes very hard to make a shot lost and production schedual. I have come to learn that without all this important paperwork many problems are bound to arise. Most commonaly conintuity issues, going over time, and missing essential coverage. Here is the storeyboard I created for my creative project


img002 img003 img004 img005


Mood reel (attempt)

17 Oct

Taking inspiration from Robbie Studsor who delivered a compelling presentation in week 8 ( see my blog post under the ‘thoughts and reflections’ category : week 8) I created my own mood reel for my creative project. What Robbie highlights is that, as a director it is difficult to articulate or summarise your idea or concept with people that you are working with. As for this project I will be collaborating with my classmate I have created a mood real so Kaely can get a better understanding of my vision and asset her with the storyboard.

find the link to my show reel here at

New concept

6 Oct

We have decided to go for a more simple approach to the video clip for ‘Mombassa on the line’. Limited in time and funding this new concept would be easier to shoot requires organising sufficiently less shots involved and talent needed. The new concept also fits the theme of the song very well. Following is a rough scene list of the new concept.

Synopsis: A group of young free spirits cross paths and Journey together in the beautiful Australian outback. Not put off by their short comings, they remain optimistic and create a bond, enjoying each other’s company and the simpler things in life.

  1. Its early morning and a young, adventuring girl is driving a beat up Kombi van down a long stretch of road in the country. She is looking wondrously out the window and admiring the scenery.
  2. She notices a male wondering down along side the road. Looks like he is exhausted carrying his guitar, bongo drums and backpack. The girl pulls over and offers him a ride. She asks where he is going. He mouths ‘anywhere’. She offers him a lift he accepts gratefully.
  3. The drive along the road, they laugh, share stories of travel, and ride in a comfortable silence.
  4. The pull into a petrol station and see a foreign tourist her car is smoking and she appears to be stranded. They offer her a ride; she looks back to her smoking car and accepts.
  5. They all drive along happily, the tourist takes some candid shots on her camera.
  6. The sun is starting to set and they find a spot to set up camp. At the next tent over, a prissy girl is complaining to her boyfriend, she hates having to camp. She grabs her suitcase and wheels it out, leaving him there alone. The group offers for him to join them and he accepts,
  7. The start a camp fire and talk and laugh and drink together. All free spirits tottaly immersed in the simple pleasures of life and enjoying each others company.
  8. The sun rises on the camp, the new friends are still asleep around the campfire
  9. Shots of the surrounding wildlife and beautiful scenery

The Collaboration

6 Oct

To get the best possible outcome for the music video I have decided to collaborate with a fellow student, Kaely Ferguson. Kaely has an undeniable passion for film making and cinematography. She has strong skills in filming and editing, the elements of filmmaking that I am not so efficient in so I trust that we will make a great team.

Our communication has primarily been through Facebook and text messages the times we arranged to meet have so far failed through with me falling and ill but we have both agreed on a concept and I have begun planning for the shoot. Currently I have an add running on Star Now looking for talent, (so far I have already found two actors to play certain roles) and have started storyboarding. This week I will start researching a location and look into hiring a Kombi Van and begin collection props.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done between now and when we shoot so I need to stay focused and make up for lost time!

Check out my running add  for casting on Star Now

Making some progress

15 Sep

After Listening to Jinja Safari’s song ‘Mombassa on the Line’ I am slowly getting an idea video clip I would like to create. The lyrics are quite cryptic and I don’t fully understand the song’s meaning, instead I am just going with the flow and the feel of the music and developing my ideas that way. Without thinking to hard I just started jotting down the first few visions that came to mind, my first idea was a young girl wondering lost around the city and I developed a narrative from that. So far I this is the sequence of shots I have come up with

  1. Girl, in her early 20’s is on a bus, looking dreamingly out the window
  2. She looks down at the map she has of the city
  3. She gets of the bus in the hub of the city, and steps in chewing gum, she looks a little disheartened
  4. As she is walking down the main strip guys are glaring at her, on seedy persona wholf whistles as he is passing
  5. A grubby homeless man is begging, the girl reaches into her backpack and hives him her sandwich, the homeless man looks bewildered and tosses it aside as soon as she passes.
  6. A busker is playing but nobody is paying him any attention and he hasn’t collected any money
  7. She pulls the map around and looks lost, she gives up and throws the map in the bin
  8. She walks off confidently, looks and starts appreciating the beauty of the buildings and scenery.
  9. Girl approaches the water feature in forest chase and smiles broadly as she watches the children play happily.
  10. She dumps her backpack, removes her sneakers and joins the children playing
  11. More children join the fun and they all dance around laughing gleefully
  12. The sun is setting the girl walks away from the water feature to her belongs
  13. She finds that her bag has been taken, she picks up her shoes, smiles and shakes her head and walks away from the scene.

I think that this narrative would work well with the song. One of the biggest obstacle’s is finding a great young talent to be my lead and also a bunch of children for the end scene. Working with children is difficult so working with a group of 10 or more will be extremely difficult! As soon as I get the green light to go ahead, I better start casting, asap

Change of plans..

14 Sep

During the planning process for my creative project I have been making considerations as to what direction when creating my ‘Staccato effect’ piece. For this to be effective I will need to picture some form of movement. I started to brain storming what kind of movement I would like to picture. After a lot of thought I hadn’t drawn many conclusions only that I would like to my piece to be a drama or narrative and be made to music but that was about as far as I got. Whilst driving in my car I began flicking through songs on my play list and considering what music piece would suit the rhythm off a time lapse photography piece and what kind of narrative I could form. A few songs inspired some creative thought but no strong visions have been made at this point. It was 2 nights ago that I was out for drinks and a friend of mine brought a competition to create a film clip for band Jinga Safari triple j are running to my attention. The next morning I found the details on the website. This is a great opportunity for me. I have decided that I will start planning on how I can make a creative film clip for their song ‘Mombassa on the Line’ for my project and submit the finished product for the competition. Now I will begin the process of brainstorming whilst listing to the song on repeat. Hopefully some good ideas will start to flow! Link to the competition can be found here at

My first thoughts

29 Aug

Today I began to think about what I would like to do for my creative project. The term ‘creative project’ reminds me of art class in primary school and the crappy paper maches, mosaics and paintings I would create and pass on to my loved ones as a precious gifts. As nostalgia washed over me thoughts of collaging furniture or building a life size sculpture and experiencing again that magical feeling of physically CREATING with tangible materials… but then I realised these concepts may be a little bit too ambitious and not at all relevant to the skills have I have developed.

Doing majors in film and photography I began thinking of ways to intergrade both mediums into one project. Immediately I thought of a film clip I have seen that was created by a friend that works here at the University, Baz Harvey. By using 5 years worth of photographs of the band performing live, showcasing these pictures in sequence
creates the sense of movement. See the video clip here

This can only achieved if the shots have been taken in quick succession. I think this would be a great challenge but achievable and a project that I would enjoy creating.